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Improving Water Safety at Firestone Bay

We're fundraising to make real, practical improvements to safeguard everyone's enjoyment of the beautiful Firestone Bay.

With the massive increase in water users over the last year, Wave after Wave was created to make real, practical improvements for everyone's safe enjoyment of the beautiful Firestone Bay. It has been amazing to see how the water has brought communities together during challenging times and we want to do everything we can to ensure everyone stays safe and has fun. 

Building on the amazing work of the Making Waves Together project, we have combined with South West SUP and Ace Swimming at Royal William Yard to address some of the safety issues that surround enjoying the water at Firestone Bay. We have already secured funding to provide free use of buoyancy aids from South West SUP. But there's so much more that could be done. 


Our first aim is to install a community defibrillator on the beach at Firestone Bay. A defibrillator is a device used to give an electric shock to help restart a patient’s heart when they are in cardiac arrest. 

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest the heart stops and blood is no longer being pumped around their body. The longer they go without emergency life-support, the harder it is to restart their heart. A defibrillator assists in giving a casualty the best possible chance of survival. 

Automatic or semi-automatic defibrillators are easy and safe to use by anyone. The device explains and displays what you need to do. This would be installed and maintained by the South West Ambulance Trust who would also provide community training.

Also we would install a webcam that would provide water users with live conditions meaning everyone could plan their activity better. This would also link to surveillance by harbour authorities and the RNLI providing valuable information in an emergency.

The other aim is to improve signage at all access points. The existing signage needs to be replaced to cover safety risks, rescue services and local information. We would aim to include information on tides, forecasts and recommended activities for the day. Signs are not only important to people who are unfamiliar with the area but also provide important information about the conditions for regular users. 

But also, we aim to improve access to the water through Firestone Arch. Although it is the quickest route onto the water, crossing the steep rocks is a real hazard, especially for any less able group. In the case of an emergency, improved access is also important to a swift and safe response from emergency services. 

Lastly, we aim to improve access to watersports for all by running subsidised water safety days and kids' club sessions. As a result of all of these improvements, Firestone Bay would be a much safer place to build community by running larger-scale events when restrictions allow. We can support a range of events getting local residents and families out on the water having fun as well as learning how to stay safe. 

The overall aim is for everyone that uses Firestone Bay to stay safe and have fun!

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