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Open Water Swim Training August 2019

July 26,2019 Food

We are pleased to announce our Open Water training session for August 2019.

Cost: £6

Day: Sunday 11th and 18th August

Time: 08.30-09.30: Distance/pace session

Location: Firestone Arch, Royal William Yard, Plymouth

Age: 12 years +


Each session will be led by a qualified Open Water swim coach with safety cover provided by a qualified beach lifeguard

The distance/pace session

This session is designed for competent swimmers.

This session will be designed as an open water swimming training session. We will cover a variety of different race skills and either a distance swim or pace work swim each week. The aim is that this group will cover a minimum of 1500m each week.

Sessions will be differentiated as required with individual tasks set if required.

Wetsuits are compulsory for the distance/pace session. If you wish to attend this session and swim without a wetsuit, a discussion will need to happen before booking.

To access these sessions swimmers must be able to swim 400m continuously.




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