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Open Water race at Adrenalin Quarry

May 10,2019 Food

Ace Swimming is hosting an Open Water training race at Adrenaline Quarry

There will be 2 categories:

  • 1.25km race distance (1 lap) - 11 years olds* can only do this event
  • 2.5km race distance (2 laps)

*age as of the 31st December 2019

Both races will start from a dive

Race Times

  • 2.5km 0800 (Females start 10 minutes after the males) - registration closes 0745
  • 1.25km 0915 (Females start 10 minutes after the males) - registration closes 0845

**times are approximate and will depend on other events

Cut off times

  • 2.5km = 60 minutes
  • 1.25km = 40 minutes


Normal price: £30.00

Club/group discount: £25.00

Participants must complete an Adrenalin Quarry disclaimer to use their facility (https://book.adrenalinquarry.co.uk/Waivers/WaiverLaunch.aspx)

Wetsuits are complusory for this event

At ACE Swimming we pride ourselves on having the knowledge to help you to achieve your goals. We can make you an ACE Swimmer!