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Online Coaching

December 21,2018 Food

Ace Swimming’s online coaching program has been created to support those swimmers who cannot access our 1-1 sessions but are looking to tweak and develop their technique.

An online coaching session will consist of:

  • Target and goal setting
  • Stroke analysis via video footage
  • Skype call, email conversation or phone call to discuss the technique and improve points (as a follow up from the video analysis)
  • A 3 session training program designed to help achieve your goals.

An online session is perfect for:

  • Adult swimmers looking to develop their technique
  • Swimmers with a busy schedule
  • Open Water Swimmers and Triathletes (especially during the winter months)
  • CrossFit athletes
  • A top up session or follow up sessions (from a camp or 1-1 session).

All athletes must be able to complete 100 metres of continuous swimming to access this program.

The cost for online coaching comes in 3 packages:

  • 1 off goal setting and program = £15
  • 1 off full package = £25 (all of the above listed items)
  • 3 month package =£60. In addition to the above, this package includes a weekly follow up emails to assess the session content and progress with adaption made if needed, guarantee your spot from the next cycle and included a partnered training session where I will join you for a training session*

*subject to access to a pool within 30 minutes of Plymouth, completed in a public session

Number of monthly spaces will be restricted to ensure quality.

For more information or to book email jason@aceswimming.co.uk

At ACE Swimming we pride ourselves on having the knowledge to help you to achieve your goals. We can make you an ACE Swimmer!